Monday, June 29, 2009

Back after hiatus....

I know... It has been too long since my last update. I've been working on several things but it seems that nothing is getting done. So, I haven't updated with any progress. Well, I just went to the machine shop doing my transmission and PROGRESS!! Back when I started this, I had the idea of doing a four wheel drive car using a motor for every wheel. The first step was to build a new gearbox for the rear wheels and here are the results. It is not 100 percent complete but you get the idea.....
The guys at Commercial Machine Services are doing a great job basically building a prototype using pictures I drew on a scrap of paper. Soon, I'll be installing this in the car and seeing the wheels spin using electricity.


  1. Pretty cool. Definately will have as much torque as you need on the motor side. What is your calculated top speed with this gear ratio?

  2. The ratio is just under 3.8:1 so I should be able to get around 1000 RPM on the wheel, which works out to 60 MPH. This is really just a WAG; I'm not a good enough engineer to really calculate it all out so I'll have to wait until I can get it on the car to get some empirical data.